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 Stanford University

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Born: Haworth, (Keighley), West Yorkshire, England. August 29th l934
Parents (RIP): John Robert  Fox & Nancy Fox
U. S. Citizen (2002)
Marriages: Elizabeth  Williams  (RIP) (1957): Daughters - Katherine (Kate), Eleanor (Ellie), Anne.
                           Eugenia Shanklin Cramer (RIP) (1972)
                            Lin Smiklo (1982)

Education and Earned Degrees:
Thornton Grammar School, Thornton, (Bradford), West Yorkshire, l945-53
London School of Economics and Political Science, University of
London: B.Sc. degree with First Class Honors in Sociology, 1953-57
Harvard University, Department of Social Relations, 1957-59 

London University, Ph.D. in Anthropology, Faculty of Economics, l965
Stanford University: National Institute of Mental Health Special
Fellowship: Diploma in Behavioral Biology, Department of Psychiatry,
Stanford University School of Medicine, 1970-71
Harvard University: Tutor in Social Relations, Leverett House, 1958-9;
Research Associate, Laboratory of Human Development, Graduate
School of Education, l958-9
Exeter University: Lecturer in Sociology with special reference
to Social Anthropology, 1959-63
London School of Economics and Political Science, University of
London: Lecturer in Social Anthropology, 1963-67
Rutgers University: Professor of Anthropology, l967-84
The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation: Director of Research 1972-84
Rutgers University: University Professor of Social Theory, 1984-2018
* For the sake of brevity this vita refers only to the more
important items, and does not include, for example, all the
routine university committees, or the many papers given at
conferences or the numerous international seminars and symposia
organized and attended etc. (See 'Guggenheim Foundation')
** Names on birth certificate are "John Robert" - never used
except for legal purposes, but should be used for these (e.g.
reporting income etc.)
HONORS,  Awards, Scholarships, Fellowships, Named Lectures, Visiting Professorships etc.
St. Paul's Church of England, Bradford, Yorks.: Head Chorister  1949-52
Rossall School (Lancs.): Royal School of Church Music Choral Scholar, 1949 (Summer)
RSCM Red-Ribbon Head Chorister Medal (1949)

Thornton Grammar School (W. Yorks):
Rhodes Canada Educational Trust Student:  Canada, 1952
Head Prefect and House Captain (Drake House) 1951-3
State Scholarship (English  Literature, Modern European History,  Theoretical and Applied Economics) 1953
Theo Peel Prize for English; History Prize; Art Prize (1952/53)

London School of Economics and Political Science: University of London
LSE Bursary, 1953;
Rationalist Press Association National Essay Prize on Religion and Society, 1955;
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for Outstanding Merit in Sociology, 1957.
Harvard University:  Fulbright Travel Award (U.S. Department of
State); Chester Hastings Arnold Fellowship in Contemporary
Civilization; Department of Social Relations Fellowship; Social
Science Research Council Grant for Fieldwork in the Southwest,
Exeter University: British Academy Grant for Fieldwork in Ireland, l961-2
London School of Economics: Malinowski Memorial Lecturer, 1967;
Royal Anthropological Institute Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Fund
Grant in aid of Publication, l966
University of Georgia: Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, 1972
Oxford University: Visiting Professor of Anthropology, Institute
of Social Anthropology, 1973-4
University of New Mexico: The Byron Harvey III Lectures, 1975
Haverford College: William Pyle Phillips Lectures, 1976
University of Paris (VI): Directeur d'Etudes Associé, Ecole des
Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, and Maison des Sciences de
l'Homme, 1979/1980
Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia: Profesor Visitante, 1982
University of California at San Diego: Visiting Professor of
Anthropology, 1982 (Winter Quarter)
Smith College:  Neal B. De Nood Memorial Lecture, 1982
Cambridge University: Visiting Professor of Anthropology in the
Faculty of Anthropology and Archaeology, and Senior Overseas
Scholar at St. John's College, 1982
Notre Dame University: Inaugural Lecture for the New Department
of Anthropology, 1983
University of Virginia: Annual Distinguished Lecture of the
Committee for the Study of Individual and Society, (Institute for
Advanced Studies) l988
University of Ulster, (Northern Ireland), Doctor of Science
(D.Sc.), honoris causa (for services to Anthropology and Irish
Studies) 1997
Keynote address to the plenary session, Human Behavior and Evolution
Society, annual conference, 2002
University of California, Berkeley: Alumni Distinguished Lecture,
no.13, (in honor of Prof. Burton Benedict), 2002.
National Academy of Sciences (USA): elected member (Anthropology and Evolutionary Biology) April 2013

Who's Who in America: Albert John Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award
for services to anthropology and higher education (2018)
OFFICES, Membership of (non-routine) Committees, Boards etc.
1961-64 Elected Member of the Board of the Faculty of Social
Studies, University of Exeter
1964-67 Librarian of the Seligman Library of Anthropology,
London School of Economics
1965-67 Programme Secretary of the Royal Anthropological
Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
1966-67 Member of the Royal Society Committee on Non-Verbal
1967-71 Chairman and Director of the Graduate Program,
Department of Anthropology, Livingston College, Rutgers
1967-79 Member of the Columbia University Seminar on Cultural
Ecology and Evolution (Privileges of Faculty Member, Columbia
1970-90 Member, International Editorial Board, JOURNAL OF
1971-81 Member, Steering Committee, NIMH Interdisciplinary
Graduate Training Program, Rutgers Medical School and Depts. of
Anthropology, Psychiatry and Biology
1972-73 Member of the President's Committee for the
Reorganization of the Graduate School, Rutgers University
1976-80 Member, Social Science Research Council Committee on
Biosocial Science
1977-78 Director of the Graduate Program in Anthropology,
Rutgers University
1980-81 Member of the Committee of Discipline Chairmen for the
Implementation of the Reorganization Plan, Rutgers University
1981-2 Elected Member of the Fellows Planning Committee,
Rutgers College, Rutgers University
1984-9 Member of the President's Select Committee on Academic
Quality, Rutgers University
1984-9 Member of the University Awards Committee, Rutgers
1986-98 Member of the International Advisory Board of the
1988-95   Member of the Research Advisory Council, Rutgers
1990-   Member, editorial advisory board, SOCIETY magazine
1980-00 Member, editorial board, POLITICS AND THE LIFE SCIENCES
1996-03 Member and Chair, Daniel S. Gorenstein Award committee, Rutgers
1996-00 Member, Faculty Appeals Board, Faculty of Arts and
Sciences, Rutgers
1997-03 Member: board of directors and research grants committee,
and Social Policy
1997-  Member, International Advisory Board, SOCIAL ISSUES
1998-  Member, International Advisory Board, GALAHAD, Substance Misuse
Systems, Surrey, UK
2004 Member, National Intelligence Council Committee on Counter-terrorism, Washington DC
2006- Member, Editorial Committee, THE OXFORDIAN, Journal of the Shakespeare- Oxford Society
2011- Elected Member, Board of Trustees, The Shakespeare-Oxford Society.
2012 – Member, Extended Editorial Board, The Cambridge Guide to Ancient Greece and Rome
(Cambridge U. Press: publication suspended)
Life Member of the Brontë Society (1959- )
Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London (1962-87)
Member of the British Sociological Association 1959-69
Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain
           and Ireland (1959-97)
Fellow of the American Anthropological Association (1967-97)
Member of the Society for the Study of Human Evolution (1967-87)
Member of the Association of Social Anthropologists of the
           Commonwealth (1960-95)
Membre de la Societé des Professeurs Francais et Francophone en
           Amérique (1968-88)
Member (Founder) of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (1988-97)
Member (Founder) of the National Association of Scholars (1988-97)
Member of the Society for the Anthropological Study of Europe (1979-97)
Member (Founder) of the Shakespeare-Oxford Fellowship (2006- )
Member of the American Friends of the London School of Economics (1967- )
Member of the National Liberal Club of London (1959-85)
Member of the Princeton Society of Musical Amateurs (2006- )_
Member of the Society for the Preservation and Extension of Barbershop Quartet Singing in the United States, 1969-76
Member of the United States Green Building Council (2006- )
Member of the U. S. Power Squadron (2008- )

Exeter University UK
St. John's College, Cambridge

(After 1967)
 (other than those listed in 'Honors' ) or seminars, or conference
papers, given at the following institutions - in many cases more
than once.
           Harvard; Yale; Berkeley; Chicago; Princeton; Columbia;
Northwestern; Stanford; New York U.; U. C. San Diego; U. C . Irvine;
Notre Dame; Smithsonian Institution; National War College;
Amer. Sociological Assn. (New Orleans); Natl. Institute
of Mental Health (Bethesda, MD.); Duke/North Carolina/N.C. State;
Pennsylvania; Penn. State; Brandeis; Rockefeller; Montclair State;
Trenton State; Monmouth College; N. J. Historical Society; National Zoo (DC);
RCA Management College; Office of Net Assessment, Pentagon; National Academy
of Sciences; New York Academy of Sciences; Rhode Island; Gruter Institute
(Monterey, CA.); Dept. of Defense, National War College; Social Science
Research Council; Drew;Tulane; CUNY Graduate School; Loyola-Chicago;
Inst. for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Palo Alto, CA.; Institute
for Advanced Study, Princeton; College of Medicine and Dentistry of
New Jersey; Newark College of Arts and Sciences; Northeastern;
Brown; Institute on Religion in an Age of Science; Smith College;
Philadelphia Psychoanalitical Society; Rockefeller U.;U of Virginia;
Kean College; Utah (Salt Lake City); U. of Florida; U. of South
Florida; Florida Museum of Natural History; S.W. Florida
Archaeological Society; RAND Institute, D.C.; Bronte Society NJ;
National Intelligence Council, D.C.; Liberty Fund (Austin TX);
Florida Gulf Coast University; Shakespeare-Oxford Society, Ann
Arbor, Michigan, and White Plains, N.Y.; BIG Arts, Sanibel, Fl.;
Scholar in Residence Lecture, Five Faiths Group. Sanibel Fl.
           Toronto; York; British Columbia, Vancouver; Simon Fraser University,
Memorial University of Newfoundland; Montreal
            COLOMBIA; Universidad de Los Andes


            Technion, Haifa; Hebrew University (Jerusalem)


        Paris VI, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales; Maison des Sciences de l'Homme; College de France


             Max Planck Institute, Seewiesen (Munich)


              Wenner-Gren Foundation, Burg-Wartenstein (Vienna)


               Nobel Foundation, Ulriksdal Palace, Stockholm

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